Marullo’s above-the-line communication aims to transmitting its values and informing all stakeholders about the importance of the checks on the production chain, avoiding alarmism and always maintaining a certain irony, as can be seen from our advertising campaigns in the specialized magazine “Ingredienti Alimentari”.



The Green Pistachio of Bronte, thanks also to its renowned Protected Designation of Origin, is an excellence of the Sicilian territory to be promoted in Italy and abroad. For this Pistacchio S.p.A. has been attending for years the most important fairs in the food sector, both national and international, thus spreading the unmistakable importance (and the unmistakable taste) of the so-called “green gold” all over the world.

Among the fairs the company has participated in over the years include the TuttoFood in Milan, the Cibus in Parma, the Foodex Japan in Tokyo, the Anuga in Cologne, the Sana in Bologna, the Expo del Pistachio DOP in Bronte and several others. sector event of global importance.